Cyrus loves weddings

I have had the the honour of photographing many weddings over the years and I am still always excited to be there with everyone, probably more than ever these days.

There's a set ritual in advance of your Big Day for me as the photographer; preparing the equipment, planning the day and thinking through when and were I am going to have the best photo opportunities.

I feel the excited anticipation build as I load up my car with equipment and then check that it's all there. I usually get about three minutes down the road before I stop again and check that it's all there again.

People have told me that my excitement about being unobtrusively very close to all of a wedding day's special moments comes through in the emotion captured in my images and that's the highest compliment to me.

I become very restless when I go to a wedding as a guest these days because I can't stop seeing beautiful moments that I want to photograph!

Every wedding is different, every wedding is special and I am always honoured to be there with you to make images that will help you and your loved ones to relive the moment for years to come.


Kerry and Andrew - August 2018
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Bride and bridesmaids on the wedding day
Jenny and Dani (138 of 273)
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